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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Dylan Vs Kadyn

Ahhh yes, Dylan is trying to feed Kadyn a bottle, and Kadyn doesn't want it, so whenever Kadyn doesnt take it or he pushes it away, Dylan will slam the bottle down point at Kadyn and say no!. Its too darn cute, i told dylan not to do that, but i really dont think kadyn understands, he just laughed at dylan everytime. It was cute. Dylan is really funny. He always wants to feed him or change his diaper or give him is meds, the meds part and diaper part he never does. He does throw awaykadyns dirty diapers though, if he doesnt do that i get in trouble and yelled at by dylan. Its funny. dylan is now coming to me tell me Kadyn is saying dada and mama, when he really didnt say it at all, so i just go omg he did, did you teach him, and dylan will say yes i did auntie sara! These two are too cute together. NOw i have to find out out dirtied thier diaper.

Ok that wasnt hard. Dylan likes to tell me when he goes. Anyways. I sitting here and we are kinda in the dark and kadyn is lighting up. His pjs glow in the dark. Soooo cute!!!! I love these two little munchkins. I love children. i want more but now is not the right time for that. Not for awhile.

I have gotten some valid points on my last blog and i would like to respond here to just one of them. The one about what if Harvey gets another girl. Well i need to not think about whats best for me, but whats best for ym child. Harvey would never make me leave or make his son leave. He wants us to go becuase he doesnt want to be away from kadyn. If he were to get in a relationship then im going to have to say we will cross that bump when we get there, who knows, maybe when we get away from the stress of our families then maybe just maybe we will be able to be together again. No, im not going with hopes of getting back together, not at all, im thinking about going because Kadyn needs me to stay home with him full time, he needs my full attention in order to speed up his development. He needs his mommy. That what makes me change my mind

The Pros and Cons are about even, its a hard desicion and requires alot of though and alot of worring more about kadyns future than my own. I have more to think about then what i first thought, so i think im going to sit this down with Harvey and talk to him about it, who best to talk about kadyn than his father huh.

OH boy dylans got my shoes on now...this is going to be fun. OH Dylan had stepped on the cord to my computer (it didnt hurt ) but because he stepped on it he goes OUCH sara! I asked him if he needed to see a doctor and he said yes, so he runs, like really runs to get his shoes and says lets go sara see doctor...i was like really...i dont think didnt even hurt yourself, you ran and got your shoes and you say your foot hurts, youll be okay hun. SO now he is wearing my shoes and kicking them off then looking at me and going ohhhhh nooo my shoes. Kadyns rolling all around the living room right now, i give up on chaseing him. He is just rolling everywhere, and i cant keep up with him. So i just took a cute video of Dylan, towards to the end i had i had to have a stern vocie with him. Ill post it later to show you why. Its cute though.

Now we are watching a guy singing abbys alphabet soup, and when the letters went across the screen he would scream out the color! It was tooo cute. He is very smart for a 2 year old, he knows his colors, he can count to 5 but when you go to count with him he goes, I dont want it! He knows his letters just not in order. Im having sooo much fun with these lil munchkines.

Well gotta g make Dylan some pizza


Anonymous said...

I am not understanding why you think leaving your families could lead to you 2 being back said he cheated on you...that had nothing to do with your families...once a cheat, always a cheat! I know you want more than anything in the world to be at home with your son....but another woman in Harveys life will not put up with him supporting you in that way....if he loved you he would be with you right now, no matter what and if he is not in love with you, then he will eventualy meet someone he is in love with....are you ready for that hurt and upheavel?

larubiadejimani said...

Hey Sara,
It's me again- the one who wrote the question in your previous blog.

I just wanted to tell you that I can see you are a clever woman, and I believe you are right: discussing and talking the possibilities with Harvey is probably the best thing to make a wise decision. And I know your heart goes for Kadyn first.

I just posted the question, because I hadn't seen that particular reflexion yet on your pro/con's list.

You are a great person! I have no doubt you'll make the best decision for Kadyn, but also for you!