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Monday, October 6, 2008

We are home (well we got home yesterday)

Well, I came home from my sisters yesterday, and i already miss my lil booger nephew. He is super cool. I'm feeling much better now, and acually did some shopping for my friends wedding this friday. I made her a collage of me nad her bridesmaids, well the ones she is really close with i should say, and put on there friendship is measured by the heart but not by distance. I thought it came out great. I hope she loves it! I am going to miss her terribly. she has been my best friend for years now.

So anyways...i took kadyn to walmart with me and decided that he wants to ride in the car with Kermit the frog

So that was fun...and here are two videos from my sisters...yes i scolded dylan once, but once u see what he did youll understand...i love them both :-)

They get along great. Dylan needs to be told to not do things but hay he is 2 years old, but he loves his baby Kadyn. He always calls him baby Kadyn, its never just Kadyn unless you ask Dylan what Kadyns name is, then he will just say kaaddynn

Well, i was reading on of my friends blogs. Cayman, cutest little girl i know! Anyways it was about the name and meaning well it got me wondering what kadyns name ment. Ive looked it up before but forgot. Well the funny thing is everyone was telling me its more of a girls name, and i was like NO WAY that is soooo a boys name, well you can tell i didnt listen to them at all seeing as my sons name is Kadyn :-). Well wow....Kadyn means fighter, and that my friends is true. My little guy is a fighter...a strong fighter that is...the website for this is here. Its a different spelling but oh well.

Well i better get ready to go to the hospital. Ahh yes you're probably thinking why, i just have to get Kadyns prescription refilled and the only place that carries his medication is the hospital. Isnt that nice. Anyways

I am going to go get myself ready adn then get mr kadyn ready. I got him this cute sweater from childrens place, i think im going to put him in that and take a million and a half pictures of him. Its not my fault he is cuter than cute :-)

Well im going to go now

Buh bye


Anonymous said...

You are so right. Kadyn is sooooo cute and such a fighter!! I wish you all the best

Kristen said...

I love him riding in the car with kermit. I'll have to show that to Mike. He'll love it too! He'll probably want to run out and put Cayman in one. What a cute idea. And Kadyn looked so calm, just kicking back enjoying the ride. He's thinking, "Yeah Mom, I'll take one of these home." :o)

I don't think Kadyn is a girl name. Totally boy. I have another friend that has a son and that's his name except it's spelled "Kaiden". And what a perfect meaning..."fighter". You're right, he is exactly that.