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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hi everyone!!

Well, Kadyn had therapy today, idk how it went because i didnt go. His daddy took him. my cramps kept in curled up in bed in the fetal position. Anyways

he is up to 1/2 hour sitting in his big boy car seat!! Yay.

Anyways. He has been more active and happy thankfully!!! I took a video of him in his winter jacket. i also have pictures of him in his big boy car seat yay! enjoy!!!!

Kadyn really enjoyed this popcicle. He was acually bringing his mouth towards that. Yes we are making progress with eating things. Yesterday he chewed some apple, kind of gaged on it, but he was fine, he ended up spitting it out but he chewed on it. He is learning that his teeth are there for a reason. HE chewed a little on the popsicle i wasnt worried about him biting a piece of becuase it will melt before he swallows, He swishes things around in his mouth. He also ate some pureed food. YAY for Kadyn. Well, I am just so happy he is just coming along so great!!!


rubiadejimani said...

You have no idea the smile this little fellow brings on my face everytime I see a picture or video from him.

Thank you, Sarah, for posting these. I am always looking forward to them.

(hope this doesn't show up 3 times now. Have been trying two times, linking it to my LJ account, but without success, apperently :s)

Patti said...

OMG He is Adorable.....I have been reading all about Kadyn and what he has been going through...My heart goes out to him and you, his family.

Keep up the good work MOM he is doing great....

Patti From Michigan