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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Kadyns Neurology Appointment

Thats went great. I FINALLY GOT WHAT I WANTED! I got Diastat for his rectum when he has siezures. Yes i do! Thankfully she realized that it was getting way too outta control and finally prescribed them to me. I was happy. I like to read the part on the prescription thats says what your insurance saved you...and for 6 syringes of Diastate....without insurance it woulda costed me 1109.89. nearly passed out. Anyways they also want to get his dilantant levels to so we have to go back monday to get those. So yeah. Tomorrow is my going out :-)


Kristen said...

Just in case I forget to stop by tomorrow, let me wish you a happy birthday right now!!

Happy Birthday!! I hope your day is special.

Thank God for insurance! That is an outrageous price.

Janne said...

I just saw your movie on youtube and i just wanna say that he is really beautiful and yall got my blessing! God was on your side of this!

/Janne from Sweden.

Tsukimi said...

I saw your movie on youtube.
Kadyn is sooo cute.
I wish you all the best.
Sry my bad english.

Brita from Finland

Anonymous said...

My Moms brithday was Halloween too! :) We went out