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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Kadyns acting like he is feelng a lot better, I have him in his new big boy car seat. Its the one ive been looking at but this one i like alot more. I got it off craigslist..yes i was exctied to find it cheap!! Great car seat!!!! Its a car seat and booster in one. He fits in it okay, its just going to take ome getting used to. I am going to sit him in it at least 3 times a day, and short car rides also, like to his daddys and back until he gets used to it 100%. He is already kinda likeing it, but its new and it envolves sitting up which he isnt good at yet but starting to like it short periods of time. My little guy is getting soooo big oh my...

He has therapy tomorrow excited, becuase they have been waiting for me to get him his new car seat!! YAY. So i got$65 and nothing wrong with it, the lady showed us everything and we are even going to take it to Babys r us to get it inspected. She said that if they dont apporove it than she will give us our money back...So we have her address still and phone number. I am excited about this car seat, i cant wait until he can sit in it full time so much easier!!! YES!!! Im tired of lugging around a huge car seat, the only probelm, is that if i need to go shopping how am i just suppose to sit in in the cart in hsi car seat LOL. I will prolly have to lay a blanket down in the basket and put him in there.

Anyways I am having a good day YAY