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Friday, October 17, 2008

Intraosseous infusion AKA IO

***** warning*** pictures are kinda....upsetting...

This is what Kadyn had when he was at Wyandotte hospital. Of course referred to wikipedia.
So here is thier explaination and all that here. This is very painful, but when it comes to controling kadyns siezures and not finding a vien it was needed. It saved his life. He was siezureing for about 20 minutes and they had to do that. I was horrified when i walked into the room and saw that. I didnt know what to do, or even what it was at first.

Yea try being a mom and watching your baby not beable to move his leg alot

To me my baby looked....not alive after that, too me he wasnt even here he was in another world. I dont know, they dont think its his shunt but i kinda do, i kinda think that his shunt is only half working. But i guess im just the mom and to most doctors thats not good enough. So we will see how long Kadyn stays home, if he goes back for siezures again i am not coming home until that is under control!

well we took Kadyn to the pumpkin patch yesterday and the apple orchard. It was fun!!! We went on a hay ride, fed the animals, walked around, and just spent time as a family i guess you can say. This is my baby boy smiling at the pumpkin patchOf course im feeding kadyn on the hay ride...yummy pumpkin guts kadyns face??

I thought he wanted to try some toobut he didnt like

He did play with his little pumpkind

This was the big pumpkin we carved and decorated...loveiiiittt

Anyways yesterday was a fun day, fun times!!!

Bye bye


Kristen said...

That definitely sounds like a fun day! I love pumpkin patches!!

It was so heartbreaking seeing Kadyn look so out of it. His leg must have been so sore. The little man did a good job hanging in there...and you too mom. How tough that must have been for the both of you.

katie said...

poor little sweetie...that top picture makes me cry. To think of a little baby having to go through that pain.

You're both so brave. He's so lucky to have a mom who loves him more than life itself! What a beautiful little guy.