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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It's been awhile i know

I'm sorry it has been soo long. I have been uber busy. I don't have a lot to update from the past so im going to just talking about today. Kadyn is currently in the hospital and could be heading for a shunt revision. Umm, the nurse, thinks that his shunt isnt working because when she felt it, it didn't do something, forgot what she said. So now im waiting on neurosurgary to come confirm her findings. Kadyn hasnt eaten anything today, he has been sensitive to light and sounds and ahve been seizureing all day long. He is currently sleeping though.

So i am not seeing someone new, i have a new boyfriend. His name is Donald. He is amazing. We are just alike in so many ways, and for the first time in i dont know 2 years i am happy. He does live in virgina (yes i have met him and everything) but we think we can make it work because it takes both people. Im willing to put the effort and so is he. So this is going to be intresting but im thinking its going to be great!

Anywyas so when i get an update on kadyn i will let you all know. So far he is stable and sleeping. SO we will see.


Nic said...

Awww, I was praying that the reason for your delayed post was not health related on behalf of Kadyn. I hope things look up real quick for you.
And, excitment with a new beau! :)

Anonymous said...

I will keep Kadyn and you in my prayers. I hope it all goes well. Congrats on the new man. You deserve it.


Kristen said...

Oh no!! I'm so sad to hear that Kadyn's in the hospital. You poor things have been through so much. You're all in our prayers!

Karen Rdz. said...

Hi my name is Karen, I`m from mexico and i`m 21 my son is Emilio and he also borned with hydrocefalea he is now 4 years and since he was 1 year he stop with the surgeries, I will pray for Kadyn and for you. And remember everything is just fine no matter what people say. Jesus love you.