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Saturday, November 1, 2008

omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg!!!


So anyways

My birthday was amazing yesterday. We took kadyn trick or treating. He was a monkey! After that we took him to my house to my mom so Harvey and I could go out with our friends to celebrate my birthday. We go to this bar that was out on the river and they all know its my birthday because along with my pirate costume i was where Birthday Princess band that had huge hearts that stood up and said birthday princess. So they played some songs for me, and sang happy birthday to me at the bar. Then it was off to do some shots. I had too many, but i had fun!!! Kadyn was safe with my mom. Thats what mattered. Well i danced and danced and danced then around 1am i called it a night. lol. So now I am here watching kadyn roll over from back to belly and belly to back. (belly to back is new im stoked!) and watching him lift his big noggin. I am soooooooooo excited!!! He is progresing so much fast now! Its wonderful!!!

I love him so much!! He is putting his knees under him like he is trying tocrawl. its like he is determined to get this whol crawling thing and head lifting thing down packed. I give it a few months and he will be holding his head up for much longer time.


Kristen said...

that's wonderful!!! Kadyn, you're awesome little man! Keep it up!!

Anonymous said...

I saw one of your videos on YouTube and followed the link here. It looks like you and I have the same birthday--halloweenies of the world unite!--but more importantly, I wanted to send some blessings and love from someone who doesn't even know you and who is inspired by the courage and strength of both you and your son. It's remarkable to watch children hit those milestones, and it all goes by so fast. You have a wonderful, handsome, strong boy who is so clearly loved. Kudos to you and to your family! :)

MissFifi said...

HE IS AWESOME! I wish you all the best with your beautiful son