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Thursday, October 23, 2008

My desicion

My desicion is, I like the whole 50/50 thing. I mean, I think I'd be more comfortable knowing the Kadyn is with me at least half the time. Now, this doesn't mean that Kadyn is going to go from home to home every other day. Basically whenever Harvey wants Kadyn, he can. No doubt about it. If Harvey wants Kadyn to spent the night and he has to work midnights, well then thats going to be a problem because, well acually i could always stay there, I mean Harvey isn't going to be home until 7am so i could always just go home then. I mean either way things can be worked out. The best part is, if I do go to Virginia, Harvey can have my mom, or someone on his side of the family watch Kadyn at night while he works and what not. So i mean things can be resovled. So, Harvey is going to continue giving me money so i can get the things Kadyn needs. Which is awesome. Soon kadyns Pedisure will be provided by WIC. Just need the peditricain to fil out paper work that she lost. I hate that. Especailly since Pedisure is NOT cheap at all. The good thing, is that I make it last longer by mixing it with his whole milk. As long as he gets atleast 1-2 bottles of it a day they say he is fine. SO thats what he gets 1-2 bottles a day just mixed in with his whole milk.


Kadyns Therapy yesterday

Kadyn finally after three weeks had therapy he did sooo good. He acaully ate some food which i haven't been working with him since his siezure disorder has been outta control. So but she tried with him lieing down first and he was more comfy with eating laying down, but we can't have that. Well then it was off the PT. HE was having a blast smileng and just working out, and lifitng his head and being soooo amazing. Well they are going to be ordering him a chair and a stroller. Yes and a stroller im soooo stoked. I can not wait until I get these things. Its going to be awhile, because it always takes along time to order these thigns, and then its which kinda should they get for him, and whats more comfy for him, and what not. I am sooo stoked about this. I was so excited when she said we need to get him sitting up more and everything. He is more comfortable with touching his head, and more comfortable with things going in his mouth and just all in all a more chilled out relaxed child at his therapies. They weighed him. 22lbs. 22 freaking lbs. What a hog!!! lol. I love him though.

Anyways that is my update and here is a video of him at the bottom.

Also i want everyone to say a prayer please, pray for Cayman. (a hydro friend) She is getting surgery today and needs all the prayers her and her family can get to get them through this. So send her some love and prayers! Kadyn and I said a prayer for them before we went to bed.