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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Well, Kadyn is once again acting up. He is cranky all the time. Like majorly, nothing makes him happy cranky. He keeps hitting himself in the head (headache?) and his eyes are more jittery now than every before. He will just stare off into space and it takes forever to get his attention (siezure?) He eats just fine, and when he is acually in a good mood he does laugh but not often. He isnt talking as much as he used too...he is only saying dada when he would just constantly say a bunch of words. He can't stand sitting up in his car seat any longer than 2 minutes. Whenever i give him motrin he passes right out. He hasnt been sleeping through the night. I have yet to check his temp. I think im going to call his neurosurgan because my mommy senses are going off and saying something just isnt right, something is wrong. Im hoping its just teething, but....i dont know, like he used to let me shake his head back and forth like saying no, and i would say no no no no no and he would crack up, and now, he just gets mad about it, like it hurts him. he cant seem to hold his bottle very long anymore, he used to be able to hold it until he is done eating now he constantly dropping it. I dont know if he is testing me or not because when he drops it he cries mamamamamama. I am just over worried maybe? I dont know.

His last shunt tap the Neurosurgary RN did it, and I've watched the fluid a thousand times and it usually goes up pretty quickly to its pressure, well this one just creeped up the tube, and finally stopped at 5 which normal i think she said is 5-10 or something like that, which okay it went up slowly, WHY? I asked and she said some shunts are like that, and i mentioned well you know ive watched this a million times, it usually goes up quite fast, well she drew fluid out and then we watched it go back...slowly very very slow..and she finally just stopped. Well they didnt think it was his shunt, yet the one nurse felt it and it felt like it wasnt filling fast when you pushed on it.

idk what it is, but its like they just dont want to do anything to mess with these shunts. You ahve to keep bringing them back and bringing them back. What the crap!!! I mean come on, its not like my sons bones arent fused and his head can get larger, its not, and eventually the pressure can be fatal, am i suppose to wait for that!! Im so stressed about this, im so over just UGGGGGHH. I feel like some days i cant handle the stress and other days im okay, i feel as though nothing goes right and when it does the happiness can only last for so long. Since his last infection we have been in and out of the hospital umteen million times. His siezures have gotten so bad, that its scary. Not only has his siezures gotten bad, but the length of them. LIke his last one, lasted 20 minutes. 20 minutes!!!! he slept all day adn night after that. He hasnt been the same since, he hasnt been the happy kadyn I KNOW. I'm just so upset that he has had so many surgeries and seizures and everything. im just..:-(.

I think Kadyn is handling this better than I am, and he is the patient. I just wish this never happened to him or any of the other children I know. I wouldnt change him for the world, because i guess this condition gave him his amazing personality and strength. Plus he has taught me a lot. Anyways. I think I am going to call the neurosurgan tomorrow after taking daddy to his therapy.

We will see

Bye :-)



Kristen said...

First of all, thank you for your enthusiasm over Cayman being home. You know better than anyone how good it feels to get home from the hospital.

I am so sorry Kadyn has you so worried again. I hope, right along with you, that it's nothing serious.

Anonymous said...

Kadyn was given to you for a reason. It will be overwhelming sometimes but you can and you will get through it. He's depending on you to do so. Never give up on yourself! Stay on top of the nurses and doctors and trust your instincts. If something seems wrong then pursue it and don't stop until you're satisfied. A mother is never wrong when she follows her heart.

Anonymous said...

Mom always have good intution. I have been through this many times the last year with Maddy. Keep calling the docs. I feel the same way about the way docs may feel about nt wanting to mess with the shunt. We have done lots of "wait and see" and in the end I was always right. Follow you instincts. I pray he is ok. Keep me posted.