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Saturday, November 8, 2008

:-( My poor baby

Early this morning about 1am. I was still awake thank goodness! I heard pounding on Kadyns bed, so I went in to check on him and he was in a full blown siezure. I waited 4 minutes then gave him Diastat. When that didn't work I called 911. So because the paramedics couldn't get a line and he wasn't stablalizing, off to the nearest hospital. Which happened to be the one he was born at. Thank goodness. Well they had to put an IO in him. If you don't know or remeber what the IO is, check out my post about it. Well they finally got him stable. ALl in all Kadyn had a 45 minute long siezure. They transfered him to childrens priority one. Which ment get him there FAST! Well they asked me to sit in the front seat. I thought yea its safer for me, but i was wrong. I was scared when i say the speedometer hit 90. I have this habit of looking at how fast anyone is driving when im in the car, I also check thier gas and everything.Yea im weird. But we got there and took his IO out then bugged him. Check his ears. ear infection he has, his first one ever! Then they did a ct scan and xray, everything was good, then a shunt tap and that went well too. So it's not his shunt. This tap i didn't witness because Kadyn slept through it and I was laying down in the waiting room because I had the biggest migrain ever and it hurt sooo bad. His dad stayed in the room with him. So, it wasn't until about 8 this morning that we got a room. So off to our room we went. The nurse was like " I'm going to change his diaper" I was like oh no you're not. He is sleeping, he has a long night, just leave him be. Do what you need to do to get him in but no changing his diaper. Mainly I didn't want her too because he has a hole in his leg from the IO, and I didn't want her to touch him. Idk. I just wanted him to sleep and be rested. So finally since we don't live far from the hospital we decided it would be best to head home and get some rest because we both hadn't been to sleep yet. So we got some Mcdonalds breakfast (blah) and then headed to sleep.

Well another note, they cute his clothes to put stickers on his chest. I was mad. It was my favorite onsize and Pjs that he had on. Jerks. OH well, I am going to make a blanket or something outta them.

Still grrrr.


Kristen said...

Oh what sad news! Kadyn's battle with these seizures is so sad. What a strong little guy he is and you as his mommy.

I'm so sorry they had to cut his clothes. I was in auto accident once and they cut my favorite pair of jeans and jacket. It is sad to have your favorite clothing get ruined but it is comforting to know that they are taking the safest measures. They cut the clothes so injury does not occur to the body by trying to take an arm out, pull a shirt off over the head, etc. I think you have a fantastic idea of making it into a blanket. Way to be proactive about something you can't change.