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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Kadyn update

They couldn't find anything wrong with him. Which is good news. His neurosurgan suspects something could be wrong though. He said he wants to hold off on going and replacing his shunt as long as possible. He said his ventricles are a little dialated, he put his shunt on a higher setting to see if maybe there is a blockage and that it can be pushed through by this higher setting. He gave me a prescription for Tylenol with codine to help with Headaches and his teething. He said to just keep Kadyn on it for 24 hours around the clock incase he has a headache with this change, then after that to give as needed. He said if I don't see any imporvment in 24 to 48 hours to call them and bring him back. He said if he gets really bad to just take him straight to the ER. (DUH)

So, now its a watch and wait game. He seems to be better, but he just napped for 2 hours, and he slept until around 9am. I told Harvey if he starts to jerk again that he is going right into the hospital. I'm not going to mess around. I understand them not wanting to go in and do surgery because he always gets infections. Either of the shunt or on his skin or like last time both.

So we will see.

:-( ugh, my poor baby. He is sleeping now, so i thought i'd get an update in while I am allowed to.

Once he wakes up he will be crying. So...we will see.


Anonymous said...

I'm really glad the doctor gave that Rx to you; evaluating pain in a child so small can be difficult as he obviously cannot communicate the level and you often have to just guess based on the general indicators he gives off; pain management to minimize the stress and discomfort can be so key to helping the body both recoup faster than it otherwise would, and also make it less vulnerable to further problems ... I hope he doesn't experience any nausea from it (and you may want to keep up the prune juice because it can easily cause constipation). Your poor little tiger keeps having to go through so much ~ but there ARE more blue skies ahead so keep your chin up, and enjoy this holiday season :-)

Anonymous said...

My wife emailed you earlier in the year as our son also has hydrocephalus and is shunted (Torran).We have linked your blog to ours to show people the stress faced by you.
We just want you to know that we are thinking of you this xmas and understand TOTALLY everything you are going through.
We hope Kadyn continues to be a fighter and show everyone that very fact!
May xmas be not TOO stressful...and remember how far you have come.

Bruce and Lesley Donaldson

PS New piccies of Torran at

Anonymous said...

I would like to encourage you to discuss the option of Endoscopic Third Ventriculostomy ("ETV" for short) with K.'s Neurosurgeon. Complete info. on this modern procedure, which offers the possibility of Shunt Independence, can be found at among others.
Our Thoughts and Prayers are With You, Always.
Michael & Danielle,
Astrid's Dad & Mom.