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Tuesday, December 30, 2008


So i was giving Kadyn his medication and decided to take his tempurature, because normally when Kadyn has a revision he ends up getting a shunt infection. Well, when we left the hospital he was 48 hours free of fever. Well now he has a slight fever of 99.4. Now this means 1 of 2 things. 1. my thermonator is broken, or 2. he has an infection somewhere. So, I will keep an eye on him and watch his temp. He seems happy and playful, so I am hoping its the broken part LOL. When i get payed again I am going to go and get a new thermonitor. Well, i was glad he took his medication good, thats a first ever! Well now I am going to have a bowl of cereal and put my little man to bed :-)

Thanks to everyones thoughts and prayers


bridget said...

So glad Kadyn is out of the hospital and back to his old self again. You are a great mother and you are the only one who can speak for him since he can't speak for himself. Good for you for not backing down to the doctor! I'm not necessarily blaming the doctor, because he has a lot of patients and I'm sure it's easy to get them mixed up from time to time, but he shouldn't have argued with you. He should have simply looked in Kadyn's chart and then realized that he made a mistake. Sometimes it's hard to admit you made a mistake, but honestly I respect people a lot more when they just say, "You're right. I'm sorry." Anyway...keep being Kadyn's #1 advocate!! Happy New Year!!

Creative Nurse with a Travel Bug said...

You are the best Mother Kadyn could ever have. My heart goes out to both of your for having to spend your holidays in the hospital, and I'm REALLY hoping the fever isn't shunt related. Kaydn is adorable and a warrior! Your love makes him strong. We're thinking about you both and hoping all is well.