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Friday, January 2, 2009

My Sister,,,

Well, my sister texted me today and told me IT'S A GIRL. So my sister is having a little girl. YAY! Kadyn is doing really good. He is napping right now, and I am going to wake him up so he doesn't sleep all night.

Kadyns no longer having any fever, and he is doing really good. His incision sites look great and he is soooo ,much happier. He is laughing and smiling and playing and being an awesome kid. Gosh he is awesome LOL!

Well just wanted to let everyone know that we are all doing okay. Kadyn is doing to spend the night with my mom tomorrow night. So I am going to bath him and give him his medication.
Well night!!


Anonymous said...

Thanx so much for letting us hear the latest on that cutie pie!! And he gets a little girl cousin ~ what a great new year it's shaping up to be for you and yours. Now lets see your little tiger get even stronger :-) .... wait til he starts crawling all over the place... good thing you're young and FULL of energy ;-)

bridget said...

Well, that's exciting. It seems that everyone is having girls these days. I have about five friends who are all having girls too! Girls rock! Glad to hear Kadyn is feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Glad to know he is feeling better. Thanks for the update.


Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear your little man is doing great again! I know these last few weeks must have been rough for you and your family! You are a great mom, Sarah! Keep up your spirit and Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled across your site tonight while watching You Tube videos. What a beautiful boy you have! And what an awesome Mom you are! God Bless!