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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Its 5am

We are going to head out to Childrens emergancy room. Kadyn woke up and I put him in bed with me and he started having seizures. SO we are waiting for his daddy to get here which should be soon then we are heading straight to the Emergancy room. I am going to get him dressed when his daddy says he is on his way because I don't want to stress Kadyn out anymore. Kadyns Shunt is very squishy. It's usually a little hard..not much, but it feels different.

I have a video of what I saw Kadyn doing. I made it to show the doctors what he was doing. I am going to post it. You don't have to watch it remember that. This is your warning right now. He is in a seizure. There is nothing I can do for him during this. I have to wait 4 minutes before I can give him any diastat. Luckly i haven't needed too.

It's not a bad one. Sadly he has worse. What has me really worried is how squishy his shunt it. So I am taking him in. He is acting ok right now. But we will see. When we get there.

Ugh. Hopefully, its nothing and maybe he needs a medication increase but all the signs are there for a shunt failure. Sleepiness, loss of appitie, crankiness, and now siezure activity.

I'll be updateing when we get out, or whenever we get a room, whatever happens first. They know Kadyns condition, and how prone he is to siezures.

I'm so upset. It's so close to christmas. I don't have a good feeling about this. He is having some more jerks, so i am going to cut this now. '

Wish us luck!


Kristen said...

Oh dear Sarah, I'm so sorry about your news. Kadyn has had so many shunt problems. This has got to be very frustrating for you, especially with Christmas right around the corner. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers. I'll watch for your updates.

Emma and Mommy said...

Oh I am so sorry! I hope things with the shunt are fine and its just a medication issue, we will say a pray for Kadyn.

Anonymous said...

I'll be sending big wishes your way for your little guy to be well and his shunt to be okay....