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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ahh, and the truth is, when your child gets sick, you should prepare to get sick

Yes, I got Kadyns cold. I am curled up on my bed with a horrible cold. Kadyn's feeling better though. He is over in his crib just hanging out. He isn't ready to get outta bed, or maybe I'm not ready.

I feel rough. I got elbowed in the face yesterday by accident, and now I have this cold, so the two pains just are wearing my down.

So I went grocery shopping for the first time yesterday for the new house. It was exciting. I left Harvey with Kadyn and went late at night. I was in and out within an hour, it was awesome.

Well, here is the really sad noise.

Harvey is getting deployed Feb 2010. He is going to Iraq. I'm worried and upset, but we both knew this could happen. So thats means for a whole year Harvey will be in another country. I guess I am not going to worry about it until that day comes.

Think I am going to pour me a bowl of cereal and give Kadyn his medication now.


Anonymous said...

sweet, dunno for what it's worth, but Obama said he wanted all americans out of Iraq in 16 months... If that is true Harvey might just stay safely at home! Let's hope, eh...

Take care of yourself and get well soon!