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Saturday, January 24, 2009

I feel so relieved now!

So, who do I hear at 9 this morning. I hear Kadyn! MAMAMAMAMA. He sounds sooo much better. No fever! YAY. He is feeling a lot better now. Thank goodness. I am glad I decieded to ride it out a little longer than I wanted too.. I am sooo happy that he is feeling better. That means no er trip. No pokes, just for them to tell me that it is viral and that I should just keep him on fluids and keep him on motrin and tylenol for fever. He is happy this morning, which is a first. He also slept in, YAY kadyn!

Though I think since I don't feel good now when he naps I am going to nap.
Last night I decided no unpacking. I needed to get some rest, which I did. I was so happy to go to bed at a decent time.

Well, I am going to go now.

Buh byes :-)


Anonymous said...

The house will be there after you nap - take it easy ~ these things (new house = move in = SET UP) take time. Kadyn will luv his new pad regardless of the state of it. (I took almost 16 months actually setting up my house after I made the initial move.) Enjoy!!!

Nancy said...

I Love your son. He is very cute child and warior. He is amazing and you too. I wish you the best for him. Love to hear news from Kavin. Give him lots of kisses from me and my 3 girls from Greece.

Anonymous said...

9 a.m.?????????? Am jealous. My baby..... always up pre-6:00A-ish - - if lucky. And I have to be to work at 8a. (Of course, my boss is an early chidhood educator and understands that that the baby sets the rules and needs the adults to abide by them..... thank
God. I am LUCKY!!!!))

la_maki said...

hi how are you? I'm 17 years old I'm from Spain and I don't speak English...but I'm writte in Spanish...excuse me...Congatulations...bueno pues yo queria decirla que me han encantado los videos de youtube y me alegro mucho...espero que todo vaya bien...see you later dear MAKI ;)