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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I swear one child is such a handful

So, Kadyn has been moody all day. I he was running a tempurature of 99.9. Well I took his clothes off and it went down to 99.1. So, i figured that I'd give him some motrin and put him to bed that maybe him teething is causeing this temp, but I also know that shunt infection is very likely becuase well, thats just what Kadyn has always done. Surgery, then shunt infection has always been the way it works for him I guess.

Kadyn got his stitches out today and blood drawn. HIs therapy also starts back up thursday and on friday kadyn is having Bensons home healthcare come out and fit him for a chair, stroller and bath seat. Is that awesome or what!!! I am just hoping that it's nothing and he is just teething. Tomorrow I am going to take his temp, if he is running a horrible fever he is going straight to the neurosurgary office.

Well I am going to go sleep


Kristen said...

Your post title made me laugh but then I read about the fever and your thoughts of a shunt infection. I can't believe how much you guys have been through. It's completely understandable why your thoughts so quickly think the worse when Kadyn isn't feeling well. I hope it's nothing. I'll be praying.

The custom equipment for Kadyn sounds fabulous. You'll have to share pictures of it. I'm quite intrigued.