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Friday, January 23, 2009

Kadyn does not feel good

Kadyn has a fever of 100.9 today :-( So he is down to a diaper and once his Uncle wakes up he is going up for a bath. He cries no during baths...why, idk? Kadyn has a cold so I know thats the cause of his fever. So I gave him his siezure medications and his Motrin. So hopefully the fever will break. Fever causes him to go into siezures, so I am hoping this doesn't happen. He has 2 little ones yesterday.

Let's home Kadyn just keeps his cold at home. I was acually relieved to know that his fever is becuase of his cold. (Happy because its a cold?) Yea that would be me, I'd jump and down over it being a cold over a shunt infection anyday!


Kadyn is calling me now, MAMAMAMAMAMAMAMAAAAAAA

So I am going to play with him for the 10 mintues he will allow me to.

Oh first night last night in the new house, kadyn slept like a baby, I acted like a baby!! I cried. LOL.


Anonymous said...

Oh I'm so happy too that it's a fever caused by a cold... lets just hope the cold goes bye-bye real soon! You guys deserve some happiness - enjoy setting up your new home!!