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Monday, February 16, 2009

Look what else I made :-)

Don't you think is is cute? It's a dinosaur one. You know because Kadyn loves his dinos! Anyways
Kadyn has been doing good. He enjoyed his time with his grandma and he is now sleeping in his own bed, Which he loves too. 

Things are going really good. YAY!




ΜΑΜΑ ΒΙΚΥ said...

very nice !!!

Give kadyn a big kiss

good morning from greece

Kristen said...

You did a great job on the blanket! These kind of blankets are great...soft and really warm. My sister-in-law made one for Cayman and I just love it!

Sweetest Girl in the World said...

That's awesome! Is this the type of blanket that there is no sewing involved? If so, I need to know how to do it!

I'm sure Kadyn will love it!