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Friday, February 27, 2009

And Kadyn is sick AGAIN

So we woke up and I gave Kadyn his medication bottle. I put all his medications in his nipple of the bottle and mix it with chocolate pedisure so he will drink it down, and i screw the bottle on to it and put it in his mouth so two swallows and its done and over with. Well after i give him a reg bottle and he threw everything back up, so i stripped him, his bed and ran bathwater gave him a bath, 2 hours later again he throws up..and then again he threw up three times, I gave him three baths. Idk, I hope it isn't his shunt. I am going to see how he feels tomorrow because he has been happy and everything but he has been throwing up so I am hoping maybe its just the stomach bug or something. He has been doing sooo good. I hope he continues to do good too. Next week we have his appointment on Thursday. I am nervous about that. I hope we will get a surgery date that is within the week. Just because I am so scared that he will start seizureing again and that he will have to go through soooo many pokes and I just don't want that. I have been on my toes lately because it's been almost a month since his last siezure, and I guess I am just getting nervous and it seems everytime I have gotten nervous about his seizures coming, it will happen with in the week. I am just hoping its just my nerves right now, but I have a feeling that he is going to soon. I guess it's just because it has happened so often that, It's hard to stay postive and think that it isn't going to happen. So we will see. He just woke up now and its 2am. I am tryin to stay quiet and see if he may go back to sleep but I doubt it, he never sleeps through the night anymore, it's hard.

Also I have a job interview for K-mart. Yeah it's not going to pay a lot but it is better than nothing at all. I really need a job to help support our family. If Kadyn gets on this diet and it works there is no reason why I can't work. I mean I love working. I want to work, I want to get my own pay checks my own money. I want to help with buying food and supporting my family. I want all that. I know it's suppose to be the mans job but I just don't believe in that. I have always been very independent and I've always done everything on my own, and I still do except finacially I need Harvey to pay for Kaydn's things, LIke diapers and wipes. Lucky we are in love with Sam's club here and we can get a whole case of wipse like 720 wipes for 15 bucks, they are just as thick as huggies too and I love them soo much. They don't seem to irritate Kadyn's skin either. Most wipes will turn his skin red, but these ones don't. I just hope that they sell Kadyns diapers there. I use Luvs on Kadyn becuase he has always since birth pee'd a lot. So, when he was old enough well big enough to use Luvs I did they are cheaper and Kadyn can wear them through the night without having an accident at all. I love it! Huggies were my thing for when he was a newborn. He is in a size 4 about to be a size 5 and i wouldn't use anything but Luvs. They are cheaper and they smell nice too lol. Yea I like the smell or new UNUSED diapers.

Well I am going to go check on Kadyn I hear some funny noises coming from his bed (diaper)

Hope everyone gets to sleep through the night lol