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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kadyn Is funny

Kadyn is listening to Kids Only music on the Tv and he is rolling and laughing an dancing. He is being a silly man. He loves music!!!

He went from crying just balling for no reason, I tried holding him , feeding him, everything, i turn music on and he is instant happiness. So I don't know. 

I called to make his optamology but they are going to call me back because they are pretty booked. So they are going to call me back tomorrow with my appointment, they are going to try and squeeze me in asap. She said she couldn't promise anything but she would try her hardest. So we will see. 

I made a big mistake. I totally forgot about Kadyns therapy today, Why I don't know. Prolly because he was up all night and slept all morning. I guess I just didn't think to set my alarm. Ugh. I called them and they laughed at me I told them he won't miss next week.


Things are going good. Kadyn just being moody and wanting to be in his bed. He barely likes it upstairs. Idk why. Silly. 

ANyways I am going to go clean up after Corona.



Anonymous said...

Maybe he was crying because he wanted his music??? Kids are funny that way sometimes... :-)