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Sunday, February 22, 2009

A few Videos

Now that I decided to upload all my pictures from my camera lol. I have a few videos of Kadyn on there.

The first video is Kadyn and me playing, I thought he was tired, and then BOOM he was happy and excited it was cute. 

The second video is another of Kadyn and I playing. I was trying to get him to clap but he wouldn't for me at all :-)

The next one is Kadyn Playing with his new dinosaur toy we got him, he also cracks up too. It's cute and dada is his new favorite word, oh and he claps fast! 

this last one is kadyn starring at his mobile. he just learned this. it was fun



Hamza Zakir said...

very cute!

Kristen said...

He an adorable laugh!

Anonymous said...

Whoa ~ ~ look at all the toofies when he smiles!! He is just too cute for words.