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Sunday, February 22, 2009

it's been a couple days

I know, I haven't updated in a couple days. Thats acually a good thing. I have nothing to report. Which with Kadyn's case no news is good news. He has been great. I have been currently learning how to make my own layouts. I made the one that is on my blog now. Not my best work but I'm still learning. Anyways

Things have been great. I am stoked to be learning new things. 

I just wanted to throw ya'll a quick update. We are all good, everything good.

The only things that have happened have happened to me, broke my toe and stepped on huge chunk of glass that had to be removed by doctor. Most painful thing ever. But we are all okay :-)
(also broke my toe the same day i got glass in my foot. two trips to the er for me in one day whew)

Well I hope everyone is going okay :-)


Kristen said...

Two trips to the ER!! All in one day!! They must have been like, "You again!"

Glad to hear all the rest is all good to report.

Isn't learning to change backgrounds so much fun?! I love doing that too!

Jen said...

Beautiful new layout! I hope you're feet are feeling better and I'm glad to here Kadyn is doing well!

Anonymous said...

How funny.... never thought I'd be so glad to not hear from you!!