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Monday, February 23, 2009

Kadyn doesn't like to sleep at night anymore

Kadyn's normal routine is..

Wake up around 7am, eat a bottle, lay in bed and listen to music until around 9am. Get out of bed, play, go back to bed around 12-1pm and nap for 1-2 hours. Wake up and play until about 9-10pm go to bed and wake back up at 7am.

Now his routine is....Wake up at 11am, nap at 3, go to bed at 10, wake up at 2am and go back to sleep at 7am and sleep until 11am. Where did this come from???

I don't know. Just started a couple days ago.. I mean I wouldn't mind it if he played quietly, but there is no such thing as that when it comes to childrens LOL. He will scream and laugh  and play. Silly kid. 
He is currently napping right now. 

His dad has school today and work. My plan is to clean to basement out (our rooms) and to do some laundry when everyone else is done. Give Kadyn a bath tonight then tomorrow he is going in to get blood drawn. I was suppose to go today but Kadyn's sleep schedule threw us off and so I decided to put it off until tomorrow. It doesn't matter, she said as long as it is done by Friday she will be happy.

I can't wait for Summer, and Kadyn should be getting his chair and bath seat soon! Thats exciting. I think within a month!!!

Well I am going to go and relax and eat pizza and talk to my sister on here a bit. 

Hopefully Kadyn can get started on his diet by next week!!! YAY


ΜΑΜΑ ΒΙΚΥ said...

children changes habits all the time I have 2 kids and i know how difficult is that
Give kadyn a kiss

Kristen said...

A surprise?! I can hardly contain myself I'm so excited!!

Rachel said...

Dear Sara, Hi you dont know who i am and i accidently discovered you and your beautiful son kadyn. It was a real tear jerker the video's you made of your son. Your son is so full of life and so happy when i look at him i see my daugther when she was that age. My daugther is 2 now and just now coming into her own little personailty which is yeah interesting. I just wanted to say my best wishes for you and your family and i hope everything goes well with kadyn and his blood work.

Anonymous said...

I hope you enjoyed whatever nighttime sleep you may have gotten when you had it... I feel like I haven't slept more than 4-5 hrs at a stretch (plus being the sole wage earner) since my baby boy was born in January 08.... But he'll soon be growing out of it... and I'm sure big K. will not be keeping his patterns all that long too... He just keeps getting more adorable!! Wanna pinch his chubbie cheekies 'n give him wubbie wubbins!!!!

Lisa said...

Hello, you´ll have to excuse my spelling and bad grammar, but I´m from Sweden and don´t speak alot of English. I found a Video of your son on youtube, and also your blogg adress. And your boy touched my hart. I just wanted to say a few words to let you know that. And it also makes me appreciate my three healthy boys even more than before. Best regards Lisa