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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kadyn is an amazing little guy

He was clapping all day long! Just clapping and clapping his feet and talking. I am excited. He is just improving everyday! 

So I am getting a tattoo within a month. I am getting Kadyn's name with little dinos tattooed on my neck. I might get his foot prints with it. I am not sure yet, but I have decided that I want that done. 

Kadyn is sleeping right now but he has been waking up at 1am then going back to sleep around 7 and I don't know why. Then when he falls back asleep he sleeps until 3pm. I just don't understand why. I don't know. I need to call and make his peditricain appointment to get him caught up on his shots. Hopefully they can get him in asap. He really needs his shots. This is getting frustrating. I am not frustrated with him, but with his brain yes...if that makes since. I just want these siezures to stop, or calm down,. Once they calm down I am going to want to go back to work. I miss working. I really want to work. I feel like It will help in the long run with me and Harvey finacially. He is doing it on his own now but barely. I mean he has to buy Kadyns stuff, and pay rent, and buy us food, and his car and insurance and everything. 

I am making changes in my life. Not easy ones really. I am making myself healthier for Kadyn's sake. I've been walking more, and eating healthier. I think it makes me feel so much better. I am happier and more active. I love it. Kadyn can prolly see it then. 

Tomorrow I am hoping that Kadyn gets his script for his blood work to be drawn to finish off this process for Kadyn to get admitted. I am hoping when he gets his port surgery that they can also do the new diet. That way he only gets admited once and then thats al. I just don't want to stay there longer then we need too. I do not like it there. 

Well I am off to take bath



Kristen said...

You'll have to share pictures of your tattoo after you get it!

It is so much fun to hear about how Kadyn is developing. It's exciting to watch our little ones interact and learn new things.

I don't blame ya on not wanting to stay at the hospital more than you have to. I hope they can do the port and start the diet in the same visit too.

TannaLee said...

It's so good to hear that you are also making an effort to take care of yourself too ~ and to treat yourself to special things like the tattoo... adding feet to your tat sounds like a really cute thing. The keto diet could be a little arduous to stick to... but there has been a lot of success with it controlling seizures. As always, good luck!!

Amy J said...

What a beautiful little boy!! I saw your video on You Tube and just couldn't get over how beautiful he is, and his smiles are surely from heaven. I'm glad you posted your blog so that I could see how he's doing now. Wow! God bless y'all!