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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I am worried about Kadyn's Eye sight now. Well I know a lot of blue eyed people get red eye in pictures but he gets it really bad. I am always going over and fixing them. Another thing is that like he will reach for my nose, but he won't look for it, just feel around for it. He picks up toys because he feels them, he never looks for them. I think I am going to call tomorrow and make him an eye doctor appointment. I am just really worried something it wrong. He stares at things, but he never looks straight at them. I don't know if he just stares where he is hearing the music, like his mobile, or if he really sees it. They did tell me about 6 months ago that he had perfect vision, but we all know when the pressure is increased damage can be done. So we will see. Seizures can cause damage also. So tomorrow I am going to call and get him looked at. It doesn't hurt. So yea. 


Kadyn is downstairs sleeping now. I just couldn't handle him being moody anymore. When he gets tired...oh my watch out....he gets mean haha.

So he was put in his bed and automatic happiness. 

I am going to eat some cookies and drink milk <3


Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful pic of Kadyn 'n Corona (I think of her name being spelled w/ a K too, though :-)) Follow your instincts and get his vision checked out. and pls give him a BIG hug for me!!!

Josephine said...

I hope it turns out that his eyes are fine - or if there is anything, I hope it's fixable!