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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Its another day here :-)

I have decided to look at the whole WIC thing this way. I won't need it for very long anyways. Kadyn is going to go on his new diet within a month and everything will be taken care of via insurance and Mailed to my house! SO goodbye WIC. I understand that they have rules that they need to follow. I really do. But what I don't get is why my pedisure was only approved by the dietitian for 3 months when I got my doctor to approve it for 6 months.  So Harvey and I bought some pedisure and whole milk. That way he can have pedisure and whole milk throughout the day. It will make the pedisure last a little longer. Well till tomorrow when Harvey gets paid and he can afford to get more. 

I wish I could get rid of a doctor LOL. Any one...thats one less appointment I have to worry about. OH well. I am going to start making phone calls now. Then I am going in the backyard to shoot a paintball gun at a board. I am going to paint a board different colors LOL! I hope I don't miss and hit the garage! 

Kadyn is doing great! He is in a great mood and feeling better I had to give him a laxative to clean himself out because he wasn't going to the bathroom. SO he went all morning long! Gross! Thats what I woke up to. Isn't that great! haha. 

Everything is good though, he is happy.

Oh we got kicked out of therapy and put on the waiting list because he missed so many days from being sick. I did call them though, I called them and let them know every thursday that he was sick and in the hospital, or he had an appointment. It just isn't fair at all. So now he is on a waiting list until he can go back into therapy. I am thinking about just going elsewhere for his therapy, but I know that a lot of the places all have waiting lists.  I know that they have to help other children and those that can be there more, I respect that but still, my son was sick, what more could I have done? He was sick and in the hospital. I am just so upset about that because thats another downfall. It's okay I can do some of the things at home that they do there anyways.

I don't know. I am going to go and do something, don't know what though lol.


Anonymous said...

... and I'm getting impatient for your little pooperpants to get his cool custom babygear!!!

Kristen said...

The paintball board sounds fun! What a cute idea!!