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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


(I deleted the last post because I didn't know how old that recall notice was oops!)

Kadyn has been a trooper. He doesn't even need pain medication and hasn't needed it at all. He has been very playful and active since the day after his surgery. He has really been a trooper. He still has been sleeping a lot but I believe it is from his medication increase. Today I have to make all of his appointments. I have neurosurgery, neurology, pediatrician, optimology and I think that is it. I hope. Kadyn doesn't have to check in with pediatric surgery unless there are complications. So that is good! He has dissolvable stitches so thats awesome! Neurology and Pediatrician being the big ones I need to get. Kadyn needs to get updated on his shots badly. WIC I guess just doesn't understand why Kadyn hasn't gotten them yet. 

I was so upset after my WIC appointment yesterday. LIke I can get all the help from the state, I could get the bridge card here I can get financial help, but I don't. I just want WIC for another month from them until Kadyn gets on his diet. Thats it. Pedisure is $10 for a pack of 6. That lasts Kadyn a day with one bottle left over. I had it approved by my doctor for 6 months last time for WIC to cover it. It's been 3 months, and no one bothered to tell me that WIC could only approve it for 3 months at a time. So, now I am stuck paying for it until I can get my doctor to write a script. So, I call the office (pediatrician) and they gave me the run around and told me they would call me by noon, I heard nothing from them. So when Harvey gets paid friday, I am going to Childrens and I will stay there until someone gives me my script if not, I am going to be mad. Harvey can't afford to pay this for Kadyn right now. We went and bought him off brand Pedisure, which of course it has all the same things, but thats still $8 a bottle. Grrr.

I was sooo frustrated from everything just everything, that before I took off from the wic office I sat in my vehicle and just cried. After everything we went through, after everything Kadyn has gone through, I've never cried, when Kadyn was really sick, I wanted to cry but I never could. I can never cry when things go wrong, but there was just so much on my shoulders that day, Kadyn was 1 day after surgery 1 week after his last hospitalization, wic, the nurses at childrens, everything just all came out and I had about an hour ball fest, then wiped my eyes and begun to drive. I didn't want to cry and drive, thats dangerous.  I think I needed that because I feel like  a whole new person. 

Kadyn is in his bed and he is dirty as can be. LOL! Well, full of chocolate pedisure. I can't bath him for 4 days, so his sponge baths are what he gets. I will wipe his face when he is done drinking chocolate.

Well I am going to go take Harvey's lil brothers to school, and I am going to treat myself to mcdonalds breakfast :-) I deserve it! LOL


Kristen said...

After having very limited access to the internet for a week, I am so happy to finally get back on and read that Kadyn's surgery went well.

What a busy day you had with all of those appointments. It gets overwhelming and it's understandable that you experienced a moment of bursting into tears.

Hippo said...

I'm so sory to hear things doesn't goes well with you! It's okay to cry once in a while! Stay strong!

Anonymous said...

Oh my heart just goes out to you! You NEEDED that cry! (and here in CA Pediasure is around $15 per pack)