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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Here is my awesome amazing post

So here is my amazing post. Friday Kadyn and I set out for Auntie Dana's house. She is due any day now to have a baby girl. Madison is going to be her name. I decided that I would come down for the weekend to help out because well her belly is HUGE and she has a hard time taking care of my 3 year old nephew Dylan. Well this is where is starts. 
Friday after a nice long nap I got everthing ready to go. I woke Kadyn up knowing that he doesn't like long car rides hoping that he would just fall asleep in the car. He did.

Well the ride wasn't so good here. I live in the Detroit area and I have to go through downtown Detroit to get anywhere. Well I totally forgot that the hoedown was going on. It's the biggest free concert event in the country. Basically bunch of country music stars and country people. I been to it once, and to me it's just a drunkfest and I want nothing to do with it. 

I finally arrive after almost getting plowed by a cop car. I got his badge number and reported him mainly because I had my son in the car, and I believe if he wanted to pass me he should of has his siren and his lights on not just his lights. I set Kadyn down and give my nephew a huge hug and snap a picture of him as he was trying to take my camera. He is so silly!!
After that we sat down for dinner. My sister has her high chair out for when Madison arrives so I decided to see how well Kadyn would do in this high chair. He did AMAZING!!! I was a proud mama when I saw him tolerating sitting in the high chair. He sat there for an hour.

After dinner it was play time. So Auntie Dana took Kadyn to play and I played with Dylan. Fun times. The it was bed time. Of course Kadyn stayed up past 3am and wanted to play. Finally fell asleep.

Now Saturday the most amazing day. Kadyn was rolling all over the place and I actually snapped some pictures of him holding his head up!!

This really made me happy! I have a video also. Yeah A video!! See isn't this just one of my finest posts ever. Hehe!

So now that it is 3:10am and Kadyn just fell asleep. I am going to go to bed now. We have to pick up daddy in the morning from army. So it's time to get what little sleep I'm going to get now. haha. OH I forgot to mention. Kadyn LOVES ice cream. We all went out for ice cream and Kadyn enjoyed vanilla ice cream with me. Dylan enjoyed superman ice cream, which is my favorite! 

Goodnight!! :-)


bridget said...

Wow! Great job Kadyn! He's just getting so big and doing so much lately. Thanks for sharing the video. It made my day. :o)

Anonymous said...

WTG KADYN!!! Awesome!


Kristen said...

His arms are getting so strong. He pushed up as if he's always been doing it!

I love the part where Dylan pats Kadyn's head. It was so gentle and loving. So cute!

Anonymous said...

I loves him so much!

He's so amazing

Sweetest Girl in the World said...

Look at him pushing up on his hands!!! He's awesome!!! I'm glad you guys had such a great time. He looks so happy and he's holding his head up so well!!