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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

You Shine Brighter Than Anyone Does

Kadyn and I have been working on him holding his head up. Yesterday I had walked out of the room leaving him on the floor for 2 minutes to play. Now we have hard wood floors, but I always lay a blanket or 2 or 3 or 5 down. Well in these 2 minutes Kadyn managed to roll off his blankets on to the hard wood floor. As I'm walking in I see him holding his head up and falling over on his side...i run over to save him but then I hear CRACK! I pick him up and he is laughing. WHAT! He just cracked his head HARD off the wood floor and he is cracking up. WOW. Now I need to keep an eye on the area because he fell on his shunt. Now I'd think that would make it hurt worse but he was cracking up and I had to sit there with him because he kept wanting to do it again. I have a strong little guy. 

Pictures tomorrow I promise :-)


Kristen said...

LOL. It's funny what cracks them up!

Hippo said...

Children sometimes just crack up our day! Don't you think? My girls sometimes smack her head on the shunt too, and I would be so worried and sleepless the whole night and turns out she would be happily dozing off away.

Anonymous said...

A strong kid? Um that's not even justice! He ripped out of stuff in his head! lol. He's my trooper, he can make it! lol.