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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Kadyn rode a bike today

So today was an awesome day. Kadyn's daddy let me sleep in, so I slept until about noon. It felt great to just sleep knowing Kadyn was with his daddy. Well as soon as I got up Harvey and I decided that we wanted to go for a motorcycle ride. So I was getting myself ready for the ride and when I walked out with camera in hand thankfully, I saw this...

He seemed to really enjoy this. He didn't fuss but was clapping the whole time. I didn't get a video which i feel kinda sad about it, but I am sure I will be able to get another one. Oh and the bike it is mine. I am a proud owner of that bike. I actually like to go for bike rides and it's orange which is my favorite color!

I went shopping the other day at Kohls and they always have a Kohls cares for kids charity. I always donate 5 dollars to them and get a stuffed animal. This year I bought Kadyn an outfit (which you will see it in the next set of pictures) and the doggy that I got with the 5 dollars looks just like the dog on his outfit. (I am unsure if you'll be able to see the dog in the pictures on his outift)

Kadyn and I decided to plant my flowers the other day. We had a lot of fun. Korona helped me watch Kadyn. (lol) Korona actually laid with Kadyn while Kadyn and I talked about a bunch of babble. ( :-) ). Here are some pictures. I planted yellow flowers, and then little tiny flowers along with Lilies. I love lilies! I also planted a rose bush. 

I am glad you can see the dog in this picture. Oh I also bought

I thought they were the cutest shoes ever! Here is a story about these shoes. I had gone to babies r us to buy Kadyn some clothes. It's actually the two outfits he is in, in the pictures. So I saw these shoes and well, Kadyn loves dinosaurs. He plays with his dinosaur stuffies all day long. I bought these and when we got home I put them on him and decided to walk to the store. The store is a block away. I get to the store and I am talking to my sister on the phone and i here clunk. He kicked his shoe off. I pick that shoe up walk around the stroller and notice the other one is missing. I was very sad because I had JUST bought them not even 20 minutes ago. Luckily when I went to cash out I asked the cashier if she had anyone turn the shoe in and she had his shoe. So he hasn't worn them since. Two reasons. I don't want him to lose them, and it's been way to hot for shoes. 


Kristen said...

It's beautiful to see pictures of you all enjoying this gorgeous weather that has finally returned to us in the midwest!

Vintage Victim said...

He has the most beatiful smile ever!


April said...

What a very handsome baby boy!