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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Another day brings more :-) Love

Kadyn was in a terrible mood today. Nothing, I mean Nothing mad him happy, I tried holding him, he cried, I tried laying him down, he cried, I try feeding him, he would eat a little then cry, I tried rocking him cried, I tried sitting him up in his high chair he cried. I finally decided lets put him in his car seat and go for a ride, he fell asleep. Whew! I go home to take him out, He cried and now he is happy as can be. I wonder if storms really do mess with his shunt, I mean we had rain and storms pass over, but nothing bad, its been very cloudy and chilly the past two days but thats pretty much it. Couple sprinkles here and there maybe a little rumble of thunder, nothing too intese, but maybe the change of weather really bugs him. He is happy and playing in his crib but I can't pick him up or anything or he gets angry. LIke HULK angry.

So, I went to the clinc because my headaches where getting worse and worse and he suggested I go see a specailists, he also said I could be stressing out too much and that lack of sleep could do this also. He noticed that I was running a slight temp, 99.0 and he told me to take Migrane medication and take my temp when it kickes in. I did and it was 98.9. So I called the doctor and he said he is going to refer me to a specailist. OH YAY! Guess where I am going, to the DMC! Right by Childrens hospital, it's actually hooked onto childrens hospital by a tunnel. Isn't that great!
Well now I am sitting here with Kadyn wide awake, and I am waiting on his daddy to get back from the Kid Rock concert so I can go grocery shopping. Yes the best time to go grocery shopping is late at night, because that when everything gets restocked and when no one is really there. i love it. I go to Walmart because I also Look at the lil man clothes while I am there. It's what I do best.

I want Harvey to come home so I don't have to pack kadyn up this late at night and try to grocery shoping using his stoller, I hate that. I wish he could sit up in the cart, I could always lay him down in it, but then where am I to put the groceries? Idk. haha. So I am waiting...kinda impatiently because I love kadyn with all my heart, but this mommy needs a break. The past week I have been packing Kadyn up and taking him everywhere with me. I'd like to just pack myself up and go and not have to worry about getting his stroller out...getting him out, and then worrying about if he is going to behave or throw a fit in the store. He tends to do that a lot, he will be fine until we get into the store then BAM cry. Sometimes he is really good and just plays and talks.

Since I shaved his head, I have been getting the stares again, but I think I have learned to not ignore them really, because NO ONE can ignore it, but just smile when people are looking, and most the time, smiles are contagious. With Kadyn's hair shaved like it is, you can see all of his scares, I counted them...15 :) I touched one and it felt so smooth! He giggled when I did that, but I know it prolly feels numb like because my C-section scar still feels that way!!! But you can also see his head isn't really "normal" Not that I am worried about it, because I love him just the way he is, it's just that everyone else looks and I know they aer looking and have questions, and sometimes I wish they would just ask, but I just smile and look like the proudest mommy int he world (because I am of course!) You can also see his shunt. I haven't seen the shunt on the side of his head without moving hair in sooo long! I love it being shorter, my mom said he looks better, and that he probably does feel better. I don't like having to put sunblock on his head now, but ohhh well.

I love my little man. He has a cardiology appointment next Monday, let's pray that his hole (VSD) has completly closed, if it hasn't I think we are going to be looking at doing surgery for it, but Dr Humes, said it would be a few years before they do that. Still I don't want him to go through that. NO more SCARS!


Things are going good. I know I am slacking in the update department but I blame that on pure laziness.


Tara said...

YOu know when I lived in WA (where it just does nothing but rain) Michelle would act up a little too. It could be because he has poor tone (ie not being able to sit, crawl etc.) that the humidity and temperature changes mess with the spastistity (sp?) of his muscles and makes him cranky. Warm bathes and plenty of lotion massages may help with that. Good luck!