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Friday, July 10, 2009

He truelly knows

how to keep me on my toes!!!

Kadyn is running a fever of 99.8 with no sign of a cold or flu or any infection. He napped from 5pm until 7pm...and its 11:30 and he is already back to sleep. He won't sit up on his high chair, and he crying a lot. I gave him motrin and he went right to sleep. He is teething, but the motrin hasn't even had time to work yet. I am very worried. I think I am just going to take this time to pull my hair out. Something is telling me to take him in, but something is also telling me to let him sleep and see how he is in the morning. See if he is any better. Idk. I do not like decideing these things at all. It's such a big decision. I am thinking since he is sleeping, I will let him sleep and see if maybe he will feel better when he wakes. I possibly won't get any sleep tonight.


Kristen said...

I would have made the same decision too. I hope he's all better now.