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Thursday, July 9, 2009

I have the bug

No, not the flu, but the baby bug. Everyone around me is having babies and it is making me want another one. Luckly I am smart enough to know that I couldn't handle another one right now haha! I totally thought everything out as to why I can't.

Ambulance rides, I couldn't take the little one with me, I can't stand in for xrays or ctscans. Also another diaper to change. Though I did think, maybe Kadyn would progress more if he seen another baby doing it. Maybe in a few more years I will want one. Gotta find someone to marry me first LOL! Maybe I can find someone rich. Im kidding.

I am finding humor in staying up until 230. Kadyn seems to think its a great thing. HE is playing and laughing and screaming in his bed like this is a circus. Fun times.


He is been such a happy baby the past few days. Today he took a bath, sat up in his chair, then went and played with my friends. He loves new vocies. You can see him listen closely to new sounds. It awesome.


Emma and Mommy said...

I have the same bug recently. I can't have more kids, I have had surgery for that, but I still get that longing feeling. I have had a nephew, twin nieces, and 3 friends have babies in the last 2 or 3 months and now another friend due any day.

Babies are so sweet, but I know 3 is enough and it would be hard to take care of Emma with any more kids in the house, but I still can't help finding myself wishing I was feeding a baby in the middle of the night or cuddling up with a sweet half baby lotion half milk smelling baby in a rocking chair in the darkness of the night.