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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Kadyn's accomplishment

When he knocked his toy over he threw his arms up and it looked like he was saying UHOH!

Since Kadyn isn't really mobile and can't really sit up on his own we have been working on a lot of speech and things that make him happiest. I do work with sitting up and what not, but when I work with him I try to start with something that makes him happiest as sitting up is for sure not one of them. Well today I sat him in his high chair, straight up. He did very good with this. NO fussiness. Which is not normal, but very welcomed. I went to get some toys to set on his tray, and try and get him to play with them. Kadyn has never been one to play with toys. He normally settles for his body parts, is been his lip a lot lately. Well when I come back I see him holding his orange tiger that is part of the tray to his high chair and he started putting it in his mouth. Which is a HUGE accomplishment in two parts. Number one is that he is starting to play with toys, which means he can start learning new textures and sounds. Number 2 is that he never played with anything hard before, he normally settled with soft toys, plushies, or blankets. I was very exctied! I put his other toys on the tray and he started grabbing at them and even put some in his mouth. He wasn't useing his eyes at all to find them, but even grabbing for toys is a start. I put the ones he was grabbing for kinda in front of his face so he could see it, and he wouldn't really look at it. We still have to work with tracking and looking at things. Although I am very happy we made this progress today.
As you can see in the pictures. His hair is coming back darker, and he is starting tolook more and more like his daddy every day. He is also getting some color into his skin. He is almost tanner than me, which is very much possible seeing as I am like casper. (lol)
Kadyn is now laying in his pack and play drinking his medication bottle. The only way I can get him to take it, is to put is all in his bottle then water it down a bit with some apple juice. Which is fine as long as he drinks it all, and of course he does.
I am finding it very weird but I have noticed that whenever Kadyn has a seizure, he has a milestone improvement that follows it. I am going to mention that to his neurologist. It is really weird.
This Sunday is going to be my first day of church in Ohio. I am kind of nervous. I don't know what to wear, Kadyn is wearing a yellow polo shirt with plaid shorts. I am thinking nice pants and a nice shirt to wear. I am not a girlie girl so I really don't have any dress clothes lol.
I work tomorrow morning. I don't really want to work in the morning but Ihave to. Harvey is leaveing Sunday for a few weeks.

Kadyn has also learned to say yes....even though it sounds like eeeessss, it is what he says when you say Yes. He is really learning to repeat things. I have


Sweetest Girl in the World said...

That is interesting that he's reaching some milestones after seizure activity... Definitely a good question to bring up.
I'm so happy to see him so happy and playful. How adorable is the "Uh oh" picture - he certainly makes me smile.
You're doing an excellent job and Kadyn looks fantastic. Pat yourself on the back Mommy!

Anonymous said...

hy i hope you understand my english because im austrian.
i only want to tell you that your son is so beauteful! he has luck that he has so great parents. he is really cute.
god bless you all!

Anonymous said...

Hello Sara,

I am missing news from Kadyn :-(. I hope everything is just fine with you both, and that you are just a lil bit lazy to write :-)
Take good care!