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Monday, September 7, 2009


Kadyn and I had a blast at the fair. We are back in Michigan for a day then heading back to Ohio for the fair again. I was sooooo wonderful to see Cayman and her mommy and daddy and the rest of her family again! They are such wonderful people. It was so much fun watching Cayman and just being able to talk about out children. It's easier then talking to parents of a "normal" child I know that!

My favorite part...hearing Cayman laugh in person when Kristen was slurping her milkshake. That moment was priceless. Also I took note that Mike says we need to get Kadyn an Ohio State outfit. My sister is going to pick one up for him hehe, so as soon as that happens I will be taking pictures of it.

The funny thing was when I walked into the fair, I though, Mike is always wearing that Ohio state floral Hawian shirt, hmmm I'll look for that, and thats how I found them!! haha!


Things have been going good though, everything is great! Kadyn is sleeping now but he is about to be woken up because we are heading to my moms for the night to catch up on laundry. I am sooo far behind. I mean its bad haha. But I have been gone all week so thats my excuse!


I am thinking another week at my sisters haha


Kristen said...

We enjoyed our time with you too!

It is comforting be able to talk and be in the presence of someone else that really understands.

Thanks so much for making it to the fair again when we were there, even though you had been there a lot already.

I laughed about your comment looking for Mike's Ohio State Hawaiian shirt. Too funny that you had a hunch that he'd be wearing it! (lol)

I'm so glad you get to enjoy another week at your sister's. It sounds like you really love it there!