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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Post number 411

It's hard to believe that I have posted 411 posts. Well this will be 411. This post is going to be about todays events. Well first of all, I didn't know that here in Holland, Ohio that they can cancel school due to fog. I was happy though because I could have my niece and nephew here for company!!

Kadyn is feeling a bit better. He still has a cough and is wheezing a little bit but nothing major. I am feel terrible that he developed this cold but it doesn't seem to be stopping him at all. He is just soaring through it. He is happy and is still doing things to prove that he is learning. Kadyn got in the crawling position by himself today. Although his head still staying on the ground. he did get on his hands and knees and try. I was a proud mommy. I hope he does it tomorrow so I can get pictures of it. Also Kadyn enjoyed a nice jar of Bananas. He ate the whole jar like it was going out of style. So he still needs a little work on eating but he pretty much has that down pact now. Thank you God!

Today my niece, Sequoya and I went out back to give her horse, Smokey, some water. Since we got all dirty doing so we decided to jump in the pond. Luckly it was warm. The only bad part...I had clothes on and no my bathing suit. Oh well. Kadyn was asleep when we decided to do this. He woke up when we came in. I think my wet pants might of got him. hehe.

I went after the pond and got food (arby's roast beef sandwiches mm mm) and got me a new bathing suit. I haven't went swimming in years and didn't feel the need to ever buy one. When I get home (Sunday after church) I am going to upload all the pictures in one or two posts. I have some from the fair and just being here!

I took the kids (Sequoya and Michael) to the fair again, so that was 4 times that I went to the fair all together. This past time Kadyn stayed home with her Aunt and Uncle. Michael who is 9 years old is a little afraid of the rides that take you up high and upside down. So when Sequoya and I went on a ride that Michael didn't like I would let him ride the rides around that ride, or go play a game. I got a nice picture of Sequoya and I on top of one of the rides and a wonderful view we had. I loved all the rides there. Michael preferred the kiddy rides, which this year is probably his last year on them.

I love my niece and nephew. I pretty much raised them along with thier mother. I baby sat them a lot, especially Michael. It is fun watching them grow up, but sad at the same time, because when they were smaller they just didn't have attitudes. (hehe) Sequoya being 12 is going through the preteen, stages and Michael being 9 is going through a stage with his attitude. ALthough they are sweet hearts to me, because thier Auntie Sara just can't say no to them! haha!

Well, I think it is time for bed or something like that. I promised Sequoya that I would straighten her hair in the morning for her!


Kristen said...

I look forward to all your pictures you will share!