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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Picture Catch up time!! YAY

So I have decided since that I have finally had a chance to settle down and Kadyn has gone to bed early, since he is on so many antibiotics on top of his normal mediaction he crashed early.

I just love Kadyn's smile and his toes....I don't like my camera string though lol.

My week at my sisters was pretty much spent at the wonderful Fulton County Fair! I loved it. It was just so much fun. I got to see my niece ride her pony, and I got to see Cayman and her family and I got to go on rides and play games with my niece and nephew!!

I don't know why but I love this picture of him...oh wait...come on...isn't he just the cutest!

I love getting pictures of Kadyn when he is sleeping. So adorable!My sister, Renee, helping my niece, Sequoya ,with her horse, Two Feathers.
Sequoya riding her pony. She is awesome at it!

Isn't that just the cutest face hahaI still wanna know how he sleeps like this!!!

This is Tressel. He is a Sheltie. He is very protective of Kadyn. When Kadyn sneezed he was right there to make sure Kadyn was ok. He wouldn't let anyone except me touch Kadyns head at all.This is from Fair when Kadyn and I visited Cayman and her family. Kadyn obviously wasn't in the visiting mood at this point. He soon woke up and was happy.

This was later on during the night, he was happy listening to the silly music, and watching the old guy dancing silly.

This is what Kadyn thinks of Sweet Potatos.

Got my face painted, so did my niece and nephew but thiers got rubbed off in the rain and they didnt want me to take thier picture.

Sequoya and me, don't we look related :-)

Sequoya and I went on this ride and this was our view...I didn't like this ride..

I then watched my niece and nephew (Michael) where raceing...Sequoya won!

Korona was at my sisters too, she met a lot of good friends. My sister has 15 doggies

The children decided to swim.
We all had a good time on my visit. I will be back next weekend to see them while Harvey is away at army again. We are taking this weekend as a break because Kadyn and I need a break from being sick. Kadyn's pink eye has totaly cleared up. Thankfully!