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Saturday, October 31, 2009


My favorite holiday...why

Its my birthday!!!!



Kristen said...


Oh and


Denisse Meza said...

happy bday then :)
aaaaaaaaand just to say.. your baby is sooooooooooooo cute, and you, his perfect mom, he doesn't need anymore besides your love.


Tara said...

I hope you had an awesome birthday!

ariane said...

i hope u had a good day!!..kadyn is handsome!!!

bridget said...

Happy belated Birthday!! Hope you had a great day! :o)

Andrea Junelle B said...

Happy Birthday!
I THINK you & I just recently met on Twitter! Are you @Kadynsmama? Because I'm @AndreaJunelleB ;)

I was looking through Jenn Bechard's blogs that she "follows" & when I saw the name Kadyn I immediately thought of how I'd JUST sent a tweet to a woman named "Kadynsmama" not even an hour ago! LoL! ;D
I really enjoy your blog! I have one for my daughter Rowan's developmental journey at as well as a 2nd blog for my supportgroup for the H.A. in my area here on blogspot at Http:// feel free to check out if you ever get time! My daughter has Epilepsy also!(I noticed that in your 'profile') Looking forward to talking to you sweetie!! xoAndrea & Rowie!!