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Monday, October 12, 2009

I am just so busy

We just never get a day off. I swear.

Well last week Wednesday I ened up taking Kadyn to the ER. Why? He was showing sure signsof a shunt malfunction. Story line....

So the last few days in good ol Michgan the weather has been not so nice. So weather being all messed up makes Kadyn cranky due to the different pressures in the air. So a whole bottle of motrin later and a few days, still cranky but this time he won't eat and had threw up twice all over me. So I decided to get cleaned up, clean Kadyn up, call his father and have him take us to the hospital. We get there, and they can tell Kadyn wasn't feeling to good. So they took him to the back, and got iv set up, xrays, ct scan. They said even if his ct scan is normal we will be spending the night. They had already booked him for the OR for the next morning, Well, they got his CT scan back and it looked the same as last time, with Kadyn that is kind of meaningless. So they took us to our room where Kadyn slept, but I didn't sleep. Worry and stress got the best of me. At 7am I came back home to pick Harvey up from work took him home then went back to the hospital. I got there as soon as his wonderful Neurosurgeon came in. He asked me who came in and saw Kadyn last night, I told him that I couldn't remember the guys name but he was new. Dr Ham said that he should of taped Kadyn's shunt because it is written in his file that CT scan doesn't always tell the full story with Kadyn. So they set up a shunt taping. THANKFULLY his shunt was working fine and they said it was most likely viral. SO they sent us home . Kadyn's attitude still has not changed. He is still very moody. He is happy one minute then just busting out in tears the next. I am keeping him on motrin and tylenol and I am about to bust out the advil. I don't know what to do anymore. I am looking at his tylenol with Codine, but i really don't want to give that to him. I swear, I have had to walk away from him 3 times because I just got sooo frustrated. It does not help that I only got 2 hours of sleep last night either. Hopefully he sleeps for me tonight because i have to work in the morning.


Michelle said...

I know that you posted a while back that Kadyn had constipation. Here we go again, talking about poo!! :-) Anyway, I have to ask if he's been filling his diaper on a regular basis. Owen will act much the same way when he is backed up. Happy as a clam one second and screaming the next as he cramps and then back to happy when it passes. Then he won't eat and he starts throwing up because the food really doesn't have anywhere to go. He tries to stay stretched out on the floor a lot and isn't happy sitting up because he's cramping and he'll thrash around quite a bit when it's really bad. He also has trouble sleeping when he has tummy issues. If they did a shunt series (x-ray type) while Kadyn was in the ER, ask them to go back and look at his intestines - they show up nicely on a shunt series and it's easy to see if he's backed up with no further testing.

It might have nothing to do with anything that is happening to Kadyn, but it's very common in kids with hydrocephalus because they don't get up and run around and stretch out the digestive tract. If you think it might be the problem, just pop down to the drugstore and pick up a thing of Miralax (over the counter, no prescription needed) and give him half of an adult dose spread out over two meals (put it in his milk or juice or whatever he drinks). It won't hurt him if that isn't the problem and he'll feel much better if it is. Owen is actually on this dose of Miralax every day, though when he gets really backed up we have to double the dose and have the thrill of giving him enemas for a few days.

OK, that concludes the poo talk for tonight. It's just something that is often overlooked by doctors even though it is so common. I know of a kid that was put on anti-seizure meds for a year because he was thrashing around all the time. Turns out he was just constipated and the "seizures" finally went away with Miralax.

Hope he feels better soon.

Michelle said...

Wow, that was a seriously long comment. I don't comment for months, but I make up for lost time when I do! :-)

Tara said...

Michelle is right. Constipation is a pretty good suspicion. Also if he is and since his catheter from his shunt goes to his abdomen right? it can put pressure on the tubing and can cause a slight increase in pressure and make them pukey. giving him tylenol 3 will just make the constipation worst. also if mirilax gives him cramps you can always ask for a script of colase. hope this helps