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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mommy's night out

So Monday I decided that I deserved a night out. I had Harvey's brother to baby sit for me. I of course made sure that Kadyn was asleep before I left the house. Well, I decided since Kadyn was being so good, and just rolling around I would go get myself ready. (you know make up and stuff hehe)

Well I am listening for him, and I can hear him talking, and moving around. Lifting his head up and putting it down. Then it gets quite, Too quite. so I walk down the stairs and he is gone. Hmmm. The I hear a giggling and banging from under the table. So I look, and this is what I find:

I was cracking up. He was hiding from me. (the blue painters tape is because my brother has a dart board, and that was his idea of where to stand)

Well the other day I went to run errands. It's hard to do them during the day because Kadyn requires soo much attention. I didn't get home to very late. I see that Harvey is still playing video games and Kadyn is:

I think the sleeping bag is a little big for him, but it kept him warm. I felt bad that I had to pick him up and carry him to bed, but I was in more trouble because I was in the way of Harvey's video games. Hehe