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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Kadyn is better

I got a call from the doctor today. Here is how the conversation went.

Me: Hello
Dr: Hello is the Mrs. Sterling
Me: No, but this is Kadyn's mom.
(They always call me Mrs. Sterling)
Dr. Oh, Sorry, I was calling in regarding your son's X-rays.
Me. Oh, whats wrong
Dr. Well your son is full of poop and gas, I just wanted to call and suggest a laxative and then see your doctor in a week.
Me. Okay, well I am glad that is all it is.
Dr. Oh, well..umm...Have a nice day.

Obviously the Dr. doesn't understand that as long as it isn't his shunt I am okay with it. So I went out and got Kadyn Miralax (thank you Michelle) and he like a million times, and he is still a little cranky but, it has gotten better. I called the pediatrician and she transferred me to the neurology nutritionist who told me that pediasure can back a child up a lot. Especially if he isn't drinking a lot of juice. So I asked for idea's on how to get Kadyn to accept juice. She said to give him a half a bottle, and even when he cries for food to give him the juice. She said if he is hungry or thirsty enough he will eventually accept it. She said to use common juices that children would like. As in Apple juice, or grape juice. She said to try prune juice and it may work, but who knows.

So no that we got to the bottom of that, I feel better. Kadyn is downstairs in the heated room, and I am baking. I want to bring him up in the kitchen but my brother has his friends over, and their language just, is not 2 year old friendly and I am just not in the mood to get into a fight over it. It's Kadyn's bed time anyways and he should be going to sleep soon.

Kadyn is going to be wearing a mustache on halloween!! I can not wait and I think it is going to be soo darn cute!
My computer died on me. It is going to be shipping to the geek squad tomorrow where they will hopefully fix it and make it better. I am soo angry that it died because that is where I do my work. Grr.

Anyways I do hope that I do not lose all my pictures as I had not saved them onto my hard drive yet. Depressing :-(.


Time to get cookies out of oven and check on Kadyn.


Michelle said...

Oh good! I'm so glad it was his tummy and not his shunt!

TannaLee said...

Am so glad he was 'just stopped up' altho for your lil guy is still pretty serious business..... I loved those last pix ~ he just gets more and more beautiful every week!!!