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Friday, October 16, 2009

Todays Adventures

There really are no adventures today. Kadyn's daddy let me sleep in (yay), and when I woke up Kadyn was already napping. So now I am looking at him waiting for him to wake up. I fes el like a little child waiting for Santa to get her! Saturday night, Kadyn and I are going to venture to Ohio to my sisters until Monday afternoon sometime. I haven't been to church in a while due to Kadyn not feeling good and with everything that is going around...and it being flu season, I just don't want to take Kadyn out any where. I am going to church this Sunday though. Kadyn has been doing really good. He isn't scaring me anymore with his weird mood swings. Now that I know his shunt is working beautifully, I have nothing to worry about.


mom to a angel said...

i wanted to give you this link its my nephew who also has the same thing going on as kadyn maybe you to moms can talk i know my sister in law has been through alot and to have someone else in the same situation is always nice