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Saturday, October 24, 2009

SO here we are

Back in the Hospital. I honestly am starting to wonder if the changing of the season's has something to do with all of Kadyn's issues. I am unsure. HE has been acting funny for a long time, with strange fevers, sleeping a lot. I mean Kadyn was awake today or 10 hours but that was because people were constantly bugging him. He fell asleep though as soon as I left to go get some things from home. I honestly hate leaving him here alone, I don't like it at all. We are on the fifth floor in our own room, with no roommate at all, which I do like that because then we are not in the same room as someone with a infection or a virus, but I like to think that if someone is in the same room they can tell a nurse if Kadyn has a seizure or if Kadyn is screaming or whatever. Anyways,

I had to run home to get Kadyn his special nuk nipple that he uses because he won't use the nuk nipples here nor the regular ones. He never really caught on to any of those. I also wanted to get the open can of pediasure in the fridge for him to drink because it would be no good by the time we got home. Plus I needed to let the dog out and get the mail and other junk. So I was back here after stopping at the store to get little toiletries so I can shower in the morning in maybe an hour and a half. I came back he was sleeping. Which is a good thing, but i still can't sleep. I am scared to sleep now because Kadyn had a seizure while Harvey and I were sleeping. Who knows how long he was seizing because we were all sleeping!!! I mean how scary is that. I truelly felt awful. ALthough when I woke up I just had to gut feeling he was seizing before I even saw him. I just knew it, and we were in totally two different rooms. (this was all Tuesday no today! just so we don't get this mixed up lol)

On Wednesday he slept all day, and then slept through the night,he went to bed at about 930pm then woke up at around ummm 8am, then went back to sleep at around 930am then stayed asleep until 3 then went to bed for the night He woke up in the middle of the night for 20 minuted, then went back to sleep, then between 7-9 he acted like he wanted to wake up but just couldn't, he then woke up for about an hour then went right back to sleep until I scooped him outt bed at 330 to take him to the hospital, because this isn't normal for him at all. Even after he has a seizure the next day he is normally his normal self. No medication change has ever affected him and he just hasn't been himself for awhile now.

It's hard to say it is his shunt when every test points to it not being his shunt, but i remember back when he was ohhh 8-11 months old, between the months of April and June of 2008 Kadyn was not showing any signs of shunt malfunction and all the test's proved that it wasn't but Dr. Ham finally just decided to go in and check it out, and the shunt was half blocked. So this is why I am worried. Then again I don't want to go through surgery because it never is just one surgery, usually its 3-4 within a 3 month period, like what happend in May and June of 08. I am just praying every day and night that it is not his shunt and that maybe I am just over worrying myself, but I am always told better safe then sorry.

Kadyn is my little trooper and I truely hope maybe this will all pass and we will make it to the one year mark of his last shunt revision.

That would be amazing!!!


Kristen said...

Aw, poor Kadyn. You have been on my mind. We'll keep praying for him to get better fast.

Josephine said...

I am so sorry to hear that Kadyn's back in the hospital. I will hope and pray that they figure out what's wrong fast, and that the solution will not be too invasive.

mommy in toronto said...

i just surfed by and wanted to say you are an amazing mom and a strong woman. i wish you the best and pray that little kadyn will get well soon. be strong and have faith, as much as you love kadyn (which evidentally is very very very much!, Jesus loves kadyn even more as His precious child).