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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Today we are traveling

Not to Ohio, but to Washington Twp Michigan. Yes. We are going to see my other sister. We will be leaving around 230pm to go to see my nephew, niece and sister and her husband, They are having a corn roast. (never heard of those before) and since Kadyn is still doing good we are going.
Kadyn is just waking up for the day. Yes at Noon he is just waking up. Why? Because Kadyn stayed up until 3am. So now he is waking up, drinking a bottle and then I will be giving him a bath and getting him ready to go. He will be wearing his football outfit today. Although on facebook everyone has GO BLUE on thier status messages, and I just type in....OHIO! Under them. (hehe)

Oh that reminds me, I have to get Kadyn's picture in his Ohio State outfit.
I finally figured out Kadyn's halloween costume. Our budget is a little tight this year. So I decided that Kadyn has a pair of over alls, and a green shirt, the only thing I'd have to buy is a green hat. Kadyn is going to be Luigi.. Harvey is going to be Mario. There is no way though that I am going to dress up in a pretty pink dress and be Princess. I am going as....Kadyn's mommy. That is free and simple. I am going to draw a little mustache on Kadyn's face. He is going to be sooo adorable! hehe

I will have plenty of pictures after the corn roast. I may, just maybe head to Ohio afterwards. Not sure yet.

Well, I hope everyone makes the best of the yucky weather.