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Wednesday, December 16, 2009


So Kadyn gets Christmas on Saturday and on Christmas eve and Day! Whew!

Jenn who is a wonderful friend of mine formed a program along with her mom (Denise) called Just Believe. She emailed me and asked to adopted Kadyn and I this year. Of course I said yes! Well they are going to be coming over Saturday to deliver the gifts. Now can we keep a secret?

I was always that naughty little girl that would try and find the presents. Luckily my parents hid them well! Well Jenn's mom took pictures of them putting Kadyn's presents together, they were already in the bags and everything, but I looked....(I'm sooo bad lol!) and I saw this HUGE stocking...and got a picture Idea...I want to put Kadyn in that stocking soooo bad!! LOL! :) If someone came to my house with a stocking full of Kadyn, :)))) I would have the biggest smile in the world!

Kadyn isn't feeling good today, I believe it is the weather, plus he is a little congested, He isn't in a bad mood or anything, but just a lazy one. Although right now he is kicking his headboard and cracking up over it.

I dropped Harvey off at the airport today. Watched him walk in and while trying to walk in he got many handshakes and thank you's. So I cried! Yup I got a tear in my eye over it! He is only gone until friday so I am blaming the people who made me proud by shaking his hand and thanking him for serving his country. It's been his dream all along to serve his country. He is truly proud of what he does and he loves it!


Anonymous said...

I knew it! I said "MOM, Sara will see these!!" Haha. Just kidding. We are beyond excited Sara!!! I have a countdown going on .. Only 3 more days!!! It was funny today Jenn & I were wrapping the gifts and found this gigantic bag! We said we could fit a kid in it. I guess I know where Kadyn will be hiding! He can have the stocking & we will throw you in the bag.


Kristen said...

I wish I was there, I'd shake Harvey's hand too. We feel such gratitude for his great devotion and service.