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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Every Name has A meaning

(Thank you Kristen for the wonderful blog idea :] )

Kadyn=Fighter David=Beloved

That fits Kadyn perfectly. He truly is a Beloved Fighter and his Mommy is a princess! Sara means Princess!!

I don't really know why I chose this name. I really didn't have it picked out until a few days after he was born. I didn't know what I wanted to name him. I knew David was going to be in there somewhere because I always loved David. Kadyn came along as I was searching name meanings and when I saw the word fighter, I knew that was it. I called Harvey and he was ok with it. He loves it now! So my beloved fighter is it!

Kadyn is currently napping. He woke up in an okay mood. Yesterday was an amazing day for him!

It's too cold to do anything so I am doing laundry and going to shower. I have to take my niece and nephew to thier 4h meeting tonight. I am excited for that. I believe I will be taking them out for dinner afterwards. Well I do know that I'll be taking them to Target to get some things :)
Going to go laundry then get in the shower. They have a Well for thier water so you can't do both otherwise you'll run out of water :)


Kristen said...

My parents' house had a well too. I remember those days of planning out the water distribution among my family of five. It was tricky at times but it also was an opportunity where we got to learn about the importance of sharing and thinking of other people's needs too.

I think Kadyn's name is very fitting for him. Good choice.

Eliza said...

hay im liza idont have a blog...
but when i saw kadyns new born pics on youtube i almost cryed. But he is sure a miracle. By the by he is the 2nd cutest baby ihave ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!1st is my 3 year old little sis kaelin!god bless your family!