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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sad sad news with some good News

Sad news first, that way I can leave you with a smile in this blog entry.

Yesterday when I came back to my sisters I saw Kadyn's buddy Tressle (Shetland Sheep dog aka Sheltie) in the bath full of mud and blood. My sisters Newfoundlands (she breeds them) tore him up. He is currently on the floor having a hard time breathing and we don't think he is going to make it. He is too weak to stand and won't go outside to go to the bathroom. He can barley get up and hasn't really eaten anything but has been drinking a lot. He has so many puncture wounds. Needless to say my sister is getting rid of the Newfoundland that attacked him. She is actually getting him put down because he is a risk. I won't even put my dog back there anymore.

Another Sad news,

I was forced into quitting my job. I don't have anyone comfortable enough or reliable to watch Kadyn, so I can't work. I am going to move out of the house I am living in also and moving everything into my mom's house and staying with my sister. I didn't talk to Harvey about this decision before making it, but Thankfully he was understanding and told me he would help me every way he can. Thankfully Kadyn has a wonderful father.

Onto the good news. Kadyn had started to try and hold his head up again. He is also enjoying being sat up and not fighting to lay down as much anymore. Also he is talking a lot more. His mood has been amazing the past two days since he finally went to the bathroom. He starting to try and crawl again too. I hope he doesn't have a seizure because he gets set back every time. It sucks. Well time to go to bed, I hope :)


Heather said...

I'm glad that Harvey was supportive and understand and everything. That is really good.

Oh he has?! why haven't you told me that he's starting to hold his head up again? you stinker. Well yeah you'd be in a bad mood too if you couldn't use the bathroom, I know I would be lol. How is he doing since his seizure anything else better and improving?