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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Harvey's Last Day

I do not know why Kadyn loves being upside down. Although it makes me nervous, as long as he is laughing than I can't complain.

Kadyn's daddies last day was today....or was it?

Well Harvey still hasn't gotten his orders or forms to take to the airport tomorrow. So we have no idea when he is going tomorrow or if they changed it to Friday. Although I don't want him to go, I do because I am tired of preparing myself the night before and him not going. I just want him to get it done and over with. I do know that Kadyn and I will take this one day at a time, and I have a huge support system with many people willing to help me with Kadyn.

Today we all pretty much lounged around our room. I wasn't feeling good today, and Harvey drank a little more than what he wanted to and was feeling the affects this morning so Kadyn, Harvey and I laid in bed all day and just talked and laughed. We then finally got up around 6pm and packed up Kadyn, got him dressed and went to his Great Grandma's(Harvey's grandma). Kadyn's grandma (Harvey's mom) made up a wonderful meal with deer meat. It was yummy. We all then played Euchre. Well, Harvey's mom, Grams, and I played Euchre. (yes you can play 3 handed) while Harvey talked to us and played with Kadyn. He was making Kadyn crack up, it was so amazing.
I am glad that my week is going to be pretty busy. Friday I have support group, then heading to Ohio. (maybe I should have Kadyn wear his Ohio State outfit...we might get in trouble though LOL!) Saturday is game night for my sister and Ed, so I may or may not tag along. Sunday is church then Ice skating, yes I am going ice skating. I can ice skate, I used to do it when I was younger. Let's see how many times I fall on my butt! I come home Sunday evening and go to Harvey's grandma's to eat dinner and play cards. Then Monday is the only day I don't have anything planned, I work on Tuesday and then going to dinner with a friend. The rest of the week I don't know until Friday when I return to my sisters.
I do know that while Harvey is gone I won't be home as much. I will keep myself busy and do the best I can to make the best of this.


Linda said...

Hello I am a grandma from BC, Canada and I came across your youtube vids of your darling boy and decided to visit your blog. What a blessing Kadyn is and his dear Mommy and Daddy who love him so much! I am adding you to my prayer list and may God bless your dear little family!